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Alaska Ocean Seafoods

Stacey and Jacobsen represent injured fishermen and fish processors in claims against the Seattle-based fishing companies working in the Bering Sea. If you have been injured working as a crewman, deckhand, or fish processor aboard a vessel operated by Alaska Ocean Seafoods L.P., you should contact an experienced maritime attorney to learn about your rights under the Jones Act and federal maritime law. Crewmen working aboard fishing vessels are covered by federal maritime law when they are injured working at sea.

Alaska Ocean Seafoods is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and operates the catcher processor Alaska Ocean. The Alaska Ocean is 379 feet long and carries a crew of 150. It is the largest catcher processor fishing in the Bering Sea. The crew of the vessel works seven days a week during the season, and is paid on an hourly basis to catch and process pollock and Pacific whiting. The vessel produces surimi, fillets, roe and fish meal.

Injured At Sea? We Can Help.

Crewmen working even for the best fishing companies sometimes suffer serious and permanent injuries while working at sea. If you have been injured while working aboard a fishing vessel, you have rights and benefits under the general maritime law and the Jones Act. Your maritime employer and vessel owner owe you a duty to provide a safe place to work, and a vessel that is seaworthy.

To learn about your rights to maintenance and cure, and your rights to compensation for your injuries, contact us for a free initial consultation. If you have been injured through negligence or unseaworthiness, you have rights to additional compensation, including damages for pain and suffering, disability, lost earning capacity, past and future lost wages, retraining costs, and medical expenses. Don't guess about your maritime rights. If you have been seriously injured, shouldn't you have an experienced lawyer on your side?

The lawyers at Stacey & Jacobsen, PLLC have handled thousands of fishing accident cases. They do not represent Alaska Ocean Seafoods or their insurance carriers. The firm's practice is focused on protecting the rights of injured maritime workers and obtaining fair compensation for workers injured at sea.

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