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Alaska Map Seldovia, Alaska – Commercial and Sport Fishing – Maritime Personal Injury Attorneys

Seldovia is located near the southern tip of the Kenai Peninsula, at the mouth of the Seldovia River, near the opening to Cook Inlet. You can get in and out of Seldovia only by sea or air.

The first westerners to settle Seldovia were Russians who recognized the wealth to be had hunting and trading furs in the area. The current name of Seldovia is based on Zaliv Seldevoy, which is Russian for Herring Bay. Previous to Russian settlement, indigenous people used the area as a hunting and fishing camp. Seldovia even served as a stop-over during the Gold Rush.

For the past 140 or so years, herring, salmon, and crab fishing has been an important part of Seldovia. A salmon cannery was built in 1910, and by the 1920s, a herring boom in conjunction with the usual good salmon and crab fishing brought in more fishermen, more cannery business, and more money. Unfortunately, the herring was overfished.

Currently, Seldovia has a commercial and sport fishing industry which is supported by tourism. The peak fishing time for salmon there is during May through August, depending on which species of salmon. Halibut and rockfish are fished June through mid-September, and shellfish are fished mid-April through mid-September.

According to the town web site, there is no attorney in Seldovia. So, in the off chance you are injured while working on a fishing vessel and find yourself wondering what your rights to recovery are, you’ll end up seeking advice elsewhere. The attorneys at Stacey & Jacobsen, PLLC are licensed in Alaska and can help you understand your rights.

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