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United States Seafoods

Over the past 20 years the maritime attorneys at Stacey and Jacobsen have represented thousands of injured fishermen and seamen. Working as a fisherman in the Bering Sea is recognized as one of the most deadly jobs in the world, and the injury rate for crewmen working on fishing vessels is extremely high. Because of the high potential for injury or death, the vessel owner and crewmen's employer owe their crewmen a high duty of care to protect them from harm. Crewmen are owed a safe place to work and a seaworthy vessel.

Crewmen working even for the best fishing companies sometimes suffer serious and permanent injuries while working at sea. When these accidents happen, the injured crewmen need, and are entitled to, compensation for their injuries. Crewmen working aboard fishing vessels are covered by Federal Maritime law.

United States Seafoods

If you have been injured working as a crewman, deckhand, or fish processor aboard a vessel owned by United States Seafoods, you should contact an experienced maritime lawyer to learn about your rights to compensation under the Jones Act and Federal Maritime law. U.S. Seafoods is headquartered in Seattle, Washington and owns a fleet of factory trawlers that operate in the Bering Sea. United States Seafoods' vessels have valuable fishing rights and quotas. The lawyers at Stacey and Jacobsen do not represent United States Seafoods or their insurance carriers.

Vessels owned by United States Seafoods include:

  • F/T Seafreeze Alaska

    The Seafreeze Alaska is a 295-foot factory trawler with a technically advanced head and gut fish factory that can produce 140 tons of fish product a day. Ninety crewmen work on the vessel to harvest Atka mackerel, cod, and flatfish.

  • F/T Legacy

    The Legacy is a 132-foot Bender built factory trawler that fishes primarily in the Bering Sea. The vessel carries a compliment of 30 crewmen.

  • F/T Alliance

    The Alliance is a 108-foot head and gut factory trawler that operates in the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea. The vessel carries 18 crewmen.

  • F/T Ocean Alaska

    The Ocean Alaska is a 108-foot factory trawler that operates primarily on the Alaska fishing grounds. The vessel carries 21 crewmen.

  • F/V Alaska Knight

    The Alaska Knight is a 143-foot catcher vessel that delivers and works in tandem with Seafreeze Alaska. The Alaska Knight has a crew of five, and also makes deliveries to shore-side plants.

  • F/V Alaska Beauty

    The Alaska Beauty is a 98-foot catcher vessel that operates in Alaska with a crew of five.

Learn About Your Rights To Compensation

Don't guess about your rights to compensation under the maritime law. If you have been injured aboard a fishing vessel through negligence or unseaworthiness, you should be fully informed of your rights to compensation by an experienced maritime lawyer that has your best interest in mind.

Handling serious injury accidents for fishermen injured aboard fishing vessels requires specialized skill and knowledge. The maritime lawyers at Stacey and Jacobsen have handled thousands of fishing accident cases for injured crewmen. Contact them for a free initial consultation. We are committed to getting fair compensation for our clients who have been injured as the result of negligence or unseaworthiness.

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