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Westport, Grays Harbor, Washington: Commercial Fishing Industry – Maritime Personal Injury – Jones Act Seamen

Westport is one of the largest fishing ports in the United States, known for its commercial and recreational fishing industries and for its deeply rooted maritime history.  The lawyers at Stacey & Jacobsen, PLLC also have an extensive maritime history representing people throughout the Pacific Northwest who make their living in the fishing industry. We focus our practice on maritime, personal injury, and Jones Act claims. We practice nationwide, including in Oregon.

Westport is located on the south side of the opening of Grays Harbor, right on the Pacific Ocean. In 1911, Grays Harbor became established as a public port, and Westport became incorporated in 1914. Back then, Grays Harbor was already a big timber loading hub, and then the fishing industry started to grow there. Now, Grays Harbor is the biggest soy export port on the U.S. west coast, and the Westport area in particular is famous for fishing, shellfish harvesting, seafood processing, boat building, and tourism.

Westport is the largest coastal marina in the Pacific Northwest; it’s also the largest charter fishing boat port in Washington State. According to the Port of Grays Harbor, there is moorage space for up to 600 vessels. The fishing industry and other maritime industries are the mainstays of life in Westport. In 2012, Westport ranked 13th in commercial fishing landings by pounds (133.4 million pounds at a value of $58.9 million). Crew working on these charter vessels are covered under the general maritime law and Jones Act, just as the crew of any other type of fishing vessel are.

At the northeast tip of the marina is the Fishermen’s Memorial, dedicated to those lost at sea while fishing, an artistic yet somber reminder that life at sea is dangerous and uncertain. The annual blessing of the fleet is held at this spot each May.

Commercial fishermen and women have specific rights under the general maritime law and the Jones Act. If you are injured while working on a boat out of Westport, or anywhere else off the coast, contact Stacey & Jacobsen, PLLC to make sure you are being treated fairly by your employer. We only represent the injured party and never work for the employer or the insurance company.

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