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Dock and Pier Injuries

Dock and Pier Injuries

Maritime Injuries Occurring on Docks and Piers

Jones Act seamen and maritime workers are frequently injured on docks and piers. Depending upon your legal status, you may have a claim for compensation for your injuries against your employer, vessel owner, or the owner and manger of the dock or pier. Frequently docks are improperly repaired and maintained. Access to the dock or from the pier may be dangerous because of an unsafe ladder, walkway, or gangplank. Seamen are owed protection from injury by their employers even while on docks and piers, as long as the seaman is in the scope of his employment.

In the cases of Jones Act seamen, fishermen, tug boat workers, and fish processors, your employer owes you a reasonably safe manner to get aboard and depart your vessel. A vessel without safe means to get aboard or to disembark is unseaworthy. It may be negligent for your employer to have you continue to work on a dock that they know to be defective and dangerous. Docks should be reasonably equipped with safety devices.

Tragically, many maritime workers are injured or killed in dock accidents each year. Various regulations and standards may set the standard of care for design and construction of the dock. Don’t guess about your rights to compensation. Accidents on docks and piers involve complex issues of jurisdiction and legal status, whether State or Federal law governs, and statute of limitations. In some cases you may have to file administrative claims before pursuing a claim against a dock owned by a city, county, or state. If you have been injured on a dock or pier, you should contact an experienced maritime lawyer to discuss your potential claims and rights to compensation.

Stacey & Jacobsen, PLLC is one of the Nation’s most experienced maritime personal injury law firms. Their lawyers are available to review accidents on docks and piers involving serious personal injuries and wrongful death. Litigating dock and pier cases can be highly complex. It is recommended that you contact an experienced maritime lawyer as soon as possible after such an accident to learn about your rights to compensation. Early investigation of dock and pier accidents can make the difference in whether or not your case is successful. Lawyers at Stacey & Jacobsen, PLLC are licensed in Alaska, Washington, and Oregon. They represent clients throughout the country and, where necessary and permitted by local court rules, practice in association with local counsel.

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