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Maritime Injury Settlements

Settlements For Jones Act Seamen and Maritime Injury Claims

Stacey & Jacobsen, PLLC has handled thousands of maritime injury cases. They are always on the side of the injury victim, and are dedicated to getting their clients full and fair compensation for their injuries. Their practice is focused on maritime injury claims, and they are experienced, skilled, and knowlegable in maritime law and safe maritime practices. They understand your injuries and how those injuries may impact you the rest of your life.

When a partner at Stacey & Jacobsen, PLLC tells you that it is his opinion that you have a good case, it is based upon years of experience litigating maritime injury claims. Stacey & Jacobsen, PLLC work hard to get the best settlements possible for their clients, but when the insurance company doesn’t make a fair offer they are prepared to take your case to trial. Stacey & Jacobsen, PLLC believe that thorough and proper preparation of your claim is the basis for trying to reach a fair settlement.

Most maritime injury cases are settled prior to trial. However, determining the value of a maritime injury or Jones Act case is extremely complicated. When attempting to reach a settlement, various factors must be considered and balanced against one another. Some of the factors they consider in evaluating your claim are: How did your accident happen? How strong is the evidence that supports your claim of negligence and unseaworthiness? Was the negligence of a fellow employee, or was a defective piece of equipment involved? What was your level of training and experience? Are there arguments that you were comparatively at fault? What is your age and your educational background? Is there a risk the case will be lost if it goes to trial? How much will it cost to prepare the case for trial? Is there insurance coverage for your case, and what are the amounts of the policy limits? What was your work and earning history prior to the accident? What is the nature of your injuries? Was surgery required for your injuries? Are your injuries permanent and disabling? Do you suffer from chronic pain? How will your injuries impact your overall life and happiness? Will you be able to return your prior job? If not, what type of job will you be able to do in the future? What vocational retraining costs may be necessary? What future medical expenses will be required? What have the results been in similar cases?

If you need help trying to settle your maritime injury claim or Jones Act claim, you should contact an experienced maritime lawyer for advice. Don’t guess about what is fair compensation for your injuries. Let an experienced maritime lawyer help you get what is fair. Contact the lawyers at Stacey & Jacobsen, PLLC for a free initial consultation.

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$11,401,000 - Jury Verdict for Deck Mechanic Injury Injured Jones Act Deck Mechanic
$4,200,000 - Wrongful Death Judgment for longshoreman killed by unsafe cargo container stow.
$4,000,000 - Jones Act Maritime Wrongful Death
$4,000,000 - Burn Injuries Fire and explosion in engine room of fishing vessel.
$3,500,000 - Brain Injury Tug boat deckhand injured by defect in barge’s crane.
$3,500,000 - Cognitive Injury Seaman's cognitive injury settlement