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Injury Claims for Inland Boatmen's Union

Inland Boatmen Union (IBU) members injured while working aboard Washington State Ferry boats are protected and entitled to benefits under federal maritime law. The Jones Act protects IBU members employed aboard Washington State Ferries who are injured through the negligence of the State of Washington, or the unseaworthiness of the ferry boats they work upon.

Members of the Inland Boatmen's Union, working aboard Washington State ferries, who are injured on the job through negligence of their employer, are not covered under the Washington State Workers Compensation system. Instead, they have more favorable compensation benefits available to them under the Jones Act and Federal Maritime law.

These benefits may include compensation for lost past and future earnings, past and future pain and suffering, retraining costs, loss of earning capacity, disability and disfigurement, and medical and nursing expenses. Call our Seattle-based office at 866-974-9633 to learn about your options.

How Does The Jones Act Help Me?

The purpose of the Jones Act is to provide full compensation to injured seamen to make them as whole as possible following an injury aboard ship. Workers who are injured and return to work are still entitled to compensation for their injuries. If your injury aggravates a preexisting medical condition, you are entitled to compensation for all increased or accelerated damages your new accident has caused. The state cannot discriminate or retaliate against you for bringing a Jones Act claim.

As an injured seaman, you have the right to obtain medical care from a physician of your choosing, and to continue medical treatment until your medical condition has reached maximum medical cure. In considering what compensation you are entitled to, consideration must be given to often overlooked damages, such as the long term consequences of your injury.

  • Will continuing to work with my injuries cause me further harm?
  • Will returning to my previous work position put my fellow workers or passengers at risk for injury?
  • Will my injury grow progressively worse with time and shorten my career?

The state may attempt to rush you back to work at another job or another position, without providing you compensation for these types of damages.

We Can Help You Move Forward

The lawyers at Stacey & Jacobsen, PLLC have handled thousands of maritime injury claims, recovering millions of dollars in compensation for their clients. Attorney Jim Jacobsen has handled over a hundred ferry worker accident claims. He has had remarkable success in handling claims against the Alaska Marine Highway System. Jim is a former Inland Boatmen's Union member who worked aboard tugs and fishing boats in Alaska.

Stacey & Jacobsen, PLLC is a private law firm, whose practice is limited to representing injured seamen. They are one of the most experienced maritime firms in the Nation. We provide independent legal evaluations of Inland Boatmen Union Members' potential injury claims at no charge. If you have been seriously hurt working onboard a Washington State Ferry, let us put our experience to work for you, getting you the compensation you deserve.

Injuries To Tug And Barge Workers

Federal Maritime law protects Inland Boatmen Union Members injured while employed aboard tugs, barges, and ships. The Jones Act provides compensation to seamen injured through the negligence of their employer, or the unseaworthiness of their vessels.

Stacey & Jacobsen, PLLC is one of the Nations leading maritime personal injury firms. They have handled thousands of Jones Act claims. The firm has a long history of successfully representing tug and tow boat workers, many of whom have belonged to the Inland Boatmen's Union. Attorney Jim Jacobsen is a former IBU member. He worked aboard tugs prior to going to law school. His experience in the Courtroom, combined with his practical and personal knowledge working aboard tugs, is simply hard for other lawyers to match.

Trust Our Results

You can measure Stacey & Jacobsen, PLLC's experience to other law firms by comparing our settlements and verdicts. They don't just have a few million dollars maritime injury claims, they have handled over 30 claims in which they have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for their clients. They have the experience, resources, and knowledge necessary to take on the big tug and shipping companies and their insurance companies. Some of our more notable tug and barge cases include:

  • Tug Boat Deck Hand - Brain Injury - $3.5 Million
  • Tug Boat Deck Hand - Hand Injury - $2.2 Million
  • Tug Boat Deck Hand - Arm Injury - $1.5 Million
  • Oil Response Barge Worker - Wrongful Death - $2.9 Million
  • Ship's Pilot - Brain Injury - $2.2 Million

Stacey & Jacobsen, PLLC have represented injured tug and barge workers in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and California. They pride themselves on taking the time necessary to explain to you your rights, and the strengths and weaknesses of your case. They will work hard for you to obtain all the compensation you are entitled to. They are available to review serious injury cases throughout the Nation. For a free initial consultation please contact a maritime law attorney at Stacey and Jacobsen today.

Our Successes
$16,000,000 - Jury Verdict for Ferry Worker Injury Gangway Collapse
$11,401,000 - Jury Verdict for Deck Mechanic Injury Injured Jones Act Deck Mechanic
$7,000,000 - Federal Jury Verdict for Oiler Injury Injured Jones Act Oiler
$4,200,000 - Wrongful Death Judgment for longshoreman killed by unsafe cargo container stow.
$4,000,000 - Jones Act Maritime Wrongful Death
$4,000,000 - Burn Injuries Fire and explosion in engine room of fishing vessel.
$3,500,000 - Brain Injury Tug boat deckhand injured by defect in barge’s crane.
$3,500,000 - Cognitive Injury Seaman's cognitive injury settlement